Readers be warned! You will laugh often. You will laugh loudly. This book will take you twice as long to read because you’ll stop to laugh so much—it is that funny.
— Politics & Prose (Staff Pick)
This wild thing of a debut has been compared to P.G. Wodehouse and Monty Python, but Leo’s voice is very much his own in this story of a poet whose writer’s block drives him to inadvertently sell his wife to the devil, then frantically attempt to get her back.
— Los Angeles Daily News
Monty Python-esque levels of absurdity, endlessly entertaining footnotes, period—appropriate illustrations, swashbuckling adventure and romance.
— BookPage
Hilarious dialogue, a Pythonesque sense of the absurd, and comical complications worthy of Thorne Smith at his “dev’lish” best round out the tale.
— Publisher's Weekly
If Lizzie Bennet were held hostage by David Lynch and Mel Brooks. Hilarious, devious, and totally entertaining, it’s not one to miss.
— Planet Jackson Hole
Farcical, tongue-in-cheek and often just plain silly, The Gentleman pays homage to late Victorian melodrama and in its tone aspires to a P.G. Wodehouse-like insouciance…[It] does provide consistent amusement for an idle evening…On several occasions, Leo — who is only in his mid-20s — nearly approaches Wodehouse in the zing of his similes.
— Washington Post
If you have a soft spot for whimsical Victorian pastiches…The Gentleman is your perfect end-of-summer read…All in all a complete pleasure.
— Vox
Leo has a whimsical gift…His characters are rich with personality and eccentricity…Leo brings [them] to life with charm, wit, and pomp, and he builds a fully realized — if not a little wacky — Victorian London teeming with adventure and mystery…And yet, so much of the novel’s great appeal comes from the hilariously realistic way in which it depicts the quirkiness of writers, the idiosyncratic relationships between them, and the painstaking work of their editors.
— Electric Literature
This is sheer fun to read, reminiscent of the humor of P.G. Wodehouse, if the esteemed Wodehouse had decided to throw a bit of fantasy into his stories.
— Sunriver Books (Staff Pick)
A fast-paced, comedic farce through hell…Fans of steampunk and Lemony Snicket will love this one.
[A] deliciously snarky story…I’m reminded of Glen David Gold’s ‘Carter Beats the Devil’ and W.E. Bowman’s classic parody ‘The Ascent of Rum Doodle,’ although for my money, Leo’s writing is even more hilarious.
— Alaska Dispatch News
Wonderfully demented and comical…It’s rather as if Tom Holt and Oscar Wilde got together and decided to do up a steampunk novelty…Vain, self-centered, whiny, hyperbolic, Lionel is nonetheless a captivating raconteur, and reading this book, one falls fully under his hilarious tale-telling prowess…This novel displays a kind of timeless quality that will ensure a long life for it. It might have appeared in the pages of Punch, circa 1886. Or on an augmented-reality tablet in the year 2086. Whenever you encounter it, you will be guaranteed a robust, riotous romp.
— Locus Mag
A lighthearted comedy of errors that never takes itself too seriously, The Gentleman is a delight.
— BookRiot